Our Services.

We are cleaning professionals dedicated to providing world-class quality. We take care of every aspect of cleaning your clothes, including dry cleaning, laundry, suede and leather, specialty and household items.

  • Dry Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning

    Clothes that look their best, make you feel your best. Take care of your valued garments by bringing them to The Dry Cleaner. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot.

  • Laundry


    It is not just dry clean only clothes that can look their best. With the affordability and superior level of pressing that comes with our laundry service, your shirts, business casual and casual attire will look their best, too.

  • Alterations


    Clothes that look best are the ones that fit best. The Dry Cleaner offers a comprehensive range of alteration services by our expert staff. Our alteration services include but are not limited to hemming, tailoring, zipper or button replacement, mending and invisible repair.

  • Table and Bed Linens

    Household Textiles & Linens

    Treat yourself to the crisp fresh feeling of professionally finished linens. At The Dry Cleaner we launder all your linens to give your sheets and tablecloths that smooth, crisp feeling. Finally, your bed or table set is returned on a linen hanger or neatly folded to put away. With the best care, household textiles should last a lifetime. Bring us your drapes, rugs and pillows to remove stains, allergens and dust build up.

  • Leather and Suede

    Leather And Suede

    We use a biodegradable, environmentally friendly system to carefully clean and restore your garments to fresh, soft suppleness. This system is wonderful for removing stains such as milk, blood and alcohol that were once considered permanent in the traditional leather cleaning systems. We will make your garments look like new so you can enjoy wearing your precious garments right away.

  • Corporate Programs


    The Dry Cleaner provides dry cleaning, laundry and specialty garment services across Ontario. Our many locations and centralized head office allow us to work with our corporate partners and governmental entities to create a customized, convenient and accessible cleaning program for their employees.